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About founder and solar projects:

         Dr Zhibin Zhou, founder of the company, has worked in solar PV field for over fifteen years. He once worked in Japan, UK, Netherlands, Massachusetts State and Shanghai, Nanjing in China after obtained doctorate degree in solar engineering from Solar Energy Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2001. In 2012, he obtained EB1A (Employment Based First Preference for outstanding alien), NIW (National Interest Waiver) immigration visa award, and settled down in USA. He is exploring his new solar renewable energy application career globally, and striving to realize our common Grid-Parity dream and populaization for solar electrical power. 
       Our service on solar PV system includes development, design, construction, training of operation and maintenance.  We have expanded our business and are developing more solar projects globally with our long term collaborating partner VG-Solar.  They  offer us high quality mechanical rack and pile for roof-mounted, ground-mounted solar system. We have cooperatively accomplished dozens of projects including residential and commercial solar systems in USA, UK, Japan and China. We are developing new solar farms in Kenya. 
        CENT SUNERGY represents low cost for solar energy. Plain and grid parity price for solar electricity is our ultimate goal and also the basis on which the company was founded and headquartered in California, USA.

        We make our best effort to provides quality electricity related solar photovoltaic power service for your home and business in global range.  We offer installation and repair of regular and solar electricity system and innovative solar photovoltaic power system. 

        We guarantee our service would be with highest quality and lowest price! Which will maximize your investment profile, and create most benefit your daily life and business through harvesting solar electric power and protecting our living environment.